The Desire to Make a Solid History Will End Up in Failure.

In Belgrade, a dance piece of this title takes failure as an opportunity – in a country between the fronts, surrounded by the EU, embraced by Russia.

Belgrad -

Dancing is fighting

Who knows the Serbian dance scene? Nobody. Even the Belgrade Dance Festival only shows guests from abroad. Here is the flip side.


Traveling in Russia

This is a breathtaking journey to the land of the Nutcracker and the land of voluntary self-censorship – a story of corrupt mice kings and cowardice, desperate dance idealism and a dubious understanding of tradition.

Ein Geschrei im Gebirge -

A clamor in the mountains

Who stays? Who has to go? Not only oppositional forces like Alexei Navalny have to leave forever. The great change of directors in Russia’s ballet also includes the most famous sacking of all – that of Vladimir Urin from the Bolshoi in Moscow.

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker

In the forest

Every day, people stand in long queues at the gates of the Louvre in Paris to see ancient art. But sometimes, at night, you can even dance in front of these masterpieces. Choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker has fulfilled this dream.

Ein Blick in die Küche von

A look into the kitchen

Excitingly researched reports and a sensual encounter with the art of dance in richly illustrated stories with depth: These are the ingredients for a culinary journey around the world to meet new people and cultures, their conflicts and their arts.

worldmap – The 2023 chronicle

Ten new issues have been published since the last Chronicle 2022. They are always about dance and what it does in this world. You could report on this in small bites. Or prepare a fresh culinary meal.

Josephine Endicott


Australian dancer Josephine Ann Endicott is one of the treasurers of Pina Bausch’s legacy. And she is a great storyteller. Fifty years of Tanztheater Wuppertal leave no trace on anyone. Humour is the least it takes to be celebrated now with the …


Dance in the heart of the periphery

We are in Western Pommerania: Will it be possible in a country whose coastline belongs entirely to tourists in the summer to create a year-round dance culture worthy of the name?

Harrell Trajal

In front of mirrors

Trajal Harrell from New York works like an explorer. Just as Alexander von Humboldt once explored various cultures across the globe, Harrell seeks out the dances of modernity – voguing, Butoh, Black America. The world is now rewarding him for his endeavors with monographic shows and world tours.