Tanz Dance


tanz.dance is a bilingual magazine brimming with powerful stories, a dance of flesh and blood told by great writers and photographers from around the world using the tools of digital storytelling. The finger dances, getting beneath the all-too-slick surfaces of the body’s art.

The Body’s art

The body is and can be art: body art. Good stories are lurking behind the façades of all its productions. Why and how this art is created and what it says about the world can hardly be expressed in reviews. Better to research them behind the scenes, on the spot, worldwide.

Who we are

tanz.dance was founded to make such research possible. Promoting exciting journalism dealing with the most obvious, our bodies and their potentials, is part of an initiative launched by the German association tanz.media e.V.: to promote independent quality journalism to reach the global dance scene as well as its audience.


Arnd Wesemann has been editing the German magazine “tanz” for 25 years and is co-founder of the association tanz.media. He believes: “Digital storytelling doesn’t pay for publishers, printing and paper. Authors earn good money again, because they earn directly from the sale of the stories they tell.”

Fabian Tremel is the graphic designer and developer of this site, which keeps pace with the developments of so-called scrollytelling. His credo: “Less is more”.

Claudia Jones and John Barrett are professional translators, familiar with the art of dance, competently communicated between languages. They are also considered as authors.

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