Khansa by Michele Imad

After the blast

In Beirut on the eastern Mediterranean, nothing confronts you with reality as much as the dance, the Arab body, the unadorned, which after years of horror has shed its ornamental dress and speaks directly to you.

Country without a state

Where there are no structures to make art possible, art throws itself a party. It does not need any structures; it creates its own in Beirut, in a deeply shaken city where everything has gone back to square one and anything seems possible again.

Ein Blick in die Küche von

A look into the kitchen

Excitingly researched reports and a sensual encounter with the art of dance in richly illustrated stories with depth: These are the ingredients for a culinary journey around the world to meet new people and cultures, their conflicts and their arts.

worldmap – The 2023 chronicle

Ten new issues have been published since the last Chronicle 2022. They are always about dance and what it does in this world. You could report on this in small bites. Or prepare a fresh culinary meal.


Greenland will never be green

Allow me to introduce myself – the name’s Greenland. I am Mars on Earth. The comparison honors me because it is based on my incomparably beautiful scenery.


Lazgi – Fire dance by candlelight

Oh how the word shimmers: Lazgi. In French it sounds like “lascar,” a sly fellow. It puts us in mind of the word lasciviousness, or Lascaux for the more historically minded – of the cave paintings left behind by prehistoric humans. It was also the discovery of prehistoric rock paintings that saw the Central Asian Lazgi declared one of the oldest dances still practiced today.


The Body’s Art

Choreography has much more to do with a radicality and urgency of action than with consent and dancing along. This is true all over the world, without exception.

The inability to help new

Burkina Faso is one of the poorest countries in Africa and indeed the world. Despite a recent military coup, it is the venue for a dance festival that allows guests to gain deep insights into the mentalities of the African dance scene. On stage, people argue, dance, and forge new partnerships. Europe has funded this festival – so that it may approach the scene on an equal footing.

Dancer Brit Rodemund follows in "Made in Bangladesh“ follows exactly the same principle

All artists are “Made in Bangladesh

Millions and millions of kilometers of yarn are unwound unremittingly from bobbins worldwide – in the myriad textile and sewing factories on this earth. Mechanically speaking, bobbins perform an almost endless pirouette. The human body follows exactly the same principle.

Barriers ! What Barriers ?

Theaters like to be the good guys in three ways: Good for the citizen. Good for culture. And good for the zeitgeist. Being good is part of the essence of theaters; they do not want to be accused of being racist. But does this fit the reality within the institution itself? The case of Raphael Hillebrand casts doubt on this.