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Theresa Bitzan
Florentina Holzinger

Theresa Bitzan

In just ten years, Florentina Holzinger has appeared like a shooting star and then captured her own place in the night sky of European contemporary dance. Wherever she and her all-female troupe of dancers appear, they literally steal the breath away from their audience.

Dance journalist, Vienna

As if with a scalpel, she dissects bedrock of 20th-century dance—like George Balanchine and Vaslav Nijinsky. She dives for Shakespeare on an underwater stage. She squeezes sweat, blood, and lust from Dantes Inferno. She sends the Romantic era’s dancing Sylphs flying on motorcycles, like modern-day witches.

You cannot dismiss this native of Vienna as just an enfant terrible. Whether in Kyoto, Berlin, or Munich, a broad audience—largely made up of people who otherwise never go to dance performances—pour into the theatre to see her show. Naked, shameless, unmediated, she has conquered the world. All this has earned Holzinger, at the age of just 36:

Her first monograph

“Schönheitsabend” with Vincent Riebeek (2015)

Karolina Wiernik

From Kein Applaus für Scheiße to ‟Ophelia’s Got Talent,” from her Anita Berber impersonation to stunt-dancer, from an out-of-this-world dance class to survival training— Florentina Holzinger’s artistic journey spans an unprecedented breadth and range. Her works are interpreted as feminist. In her following monograph, she tells us what she thinks about that, as well as how she finds her comrades-in-arms, what obstacles she faces—and why she is now planning to get herself to a nunnery.

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Florentina’s Got Talent


She flies high like a dancing rocket, not sparing vertical take-off and loss of control. Florentina Holzinger uses whatever means she needs to get where she’s going: martial arts, feminism and stunt acts for sylphs

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